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A Consistent Putter Set UP

Week 1 Putting Set Up

This week, I’ve been asked to go through a consistent set-up with the putter. You only have to watch the best golfers in the world on the TV to know that there are many ways to putt well. However, the best putters all have an element of consistency in their method.

With regard to the set-up, there are couple of things I like to see which make putting a little easier.

1. A constant width of stance. I like players to gauge shoulder width stance as this is easily measured and checked.

2. A good hip hinge coupled with a small knee bend, allowing the arms to hang naturally. In the picture I’m using a 2kg medicine ball to help with this. The extra weight allows me to find the balance of how my arms should be hanging. This is also a good way of checking if the length of your putter is suitable. (pic. 1)

3. I make sure my putter is in the middle of my stance. This makes it easier to put the putter in the same position every time. It also ensures that there should be manipulation of the path of the stroke as, from here, it’s a gentle rocking of the shoulders which gets the putter moving. (pic. 2)

4. Finally, pay attention to the aim of your putter head. I use the Seemore Putter which helps greatly with this. As you can see from the picture, if your set up is good and the red dot is hidden at address your putter head is square to your intended target line. (pic. 3)

I hope these pointers helped. I’m sure you can’t wait to get out to try them.

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