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We don’t play to our best every time we go out. I’m sure after the enforced lay off our games are a little rusty. Here are three pieces of advice to try, mid round, if we are not playing well.

1. Be precise with your aim.

Play with your tendency on that day. If you are fading or drawing the ball more than normal, allow for that. Don’t try to change it mid round. Don't be careless or inconsistent with your alignment. Stand behind the ball and try to visualise your intended start line and shot shape.

2. Regain control of the club and face by taking more club and swinging smoother, not necessarily shorter. Sometimes a simple thought such as keeping your head still helps if you're mis-hitting shots. Importantly, keeping your head still is not the same as keeping your head down. Allow yourself to turn through to the target after impact. Once you have a better control of your ball flight, you'll gain confidence and start to hit good shots again.

3. Keep it simple. Think back to your last golf lesson or something which has worked well in the past, such as keeping your head still in the backswing or making sure you finish with a balanced follow through. On the course, you're looking for as simple a fix as possible. Save the technical points for a later date on the range or with your golf coach. Otherwise, you'll start overthinking your swing and lose your tempo, sequencing and control, leading to even poorer golf.

Finally, if the problem or problems persist, go for a golf lesson. It will help you understand what’s happening in your swing and allow you to continue working on the right movements and fundamentals.

I hope this article helped. If you have any specific questions regarding this article, you can email me on

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